Prep & Peak week


Course Overview:

Contest prep is a period of time prior to a competition.  It can last as long as 20 weeks, depending on how much body fat you need to lose to reveal your best physique.  During this time a bikini athlete “diets down” to lose body fat in order to better reveal muscle mass for a competition.  It is a long process of a consistent calorie deficit so that the athlete preserves muscle while losing body fat.  An athlete in prep should also be committed to posing practice daily.

The final week of prep is called “peak week”.  We will cover that at the end of this course.

Contest prep is also the time to order your competition suit, shoes, jewelry, and make plans for hair, make-up, manicures, and pedicures for show day.

If you are currently in prep, join the community discussion by clicking here!

Let’s break prep down into smaller pieces with some detail.

Lessons in this Course: