The Show!


Course Overview:

The day we all wait for in anticipation!  Months of prep, years of muscle building, all for this day.

NPC Bodybuilding competitions are broken into 2 shows:

  • Prejudging: This is when you are primarily judged.
    • There is a group line up on stage called the comparison round where ladies in a class are instructed to show their front pose and back pose in unison.  The judges can move competitors in different places on the stage to make the best comparisons.  If the group is large, the judges place competitors in the diagonals and “call-out” the athletes who placed well first.  This is what is referred to as “first call-outs”.  You want to be in these call-outs as this is the top 5 of the class.  If there are more athletes in the diagonals, they will make “second call-outs” to place the next 5 athletes and so on.
    • You will also do your individual posing routine during prejudging.  The group comparisons and individual posing can be interchanged depending on the size of the show.  The judges prefer to have a line up first to give them a look at the quality of the class before seeing you individually.
  • Finals (also known as the confirmation round):  You can still be judged in finals, however, this is the show for awards.  It is higher energy, people tend to dress up and it is very exciting!  If you might be in the overall, you will be judged live for that title during finals.

Lessons in this Course: