Course Overview:

Hi, Ladies of the Bikini Competition Academy!

My name is Jackie Reed and I am a certified yoga teacher, as well as a fellow bikini and (soon to be) wellness competitor. I’ve been practicing Yoga since 2012 and it has helped me in all aspects of life. I started Yoga for the physical benefits but soon realized there are so many mental and life benefits as well.

Naturally, I used my yoga practice to help me prepare for my first NPC bikini competition in 2019. These are some things I found that Yoga helped me with during my prep and on show day.

Training and Prep

• Decreases stress (therefore, lowers cortisol levels), and decreases inflammation

• Promotes healthy digestion and improves circulation

• Shortens muscle recovery time and allows for better training sessions

• Decreases risk of training injuries

• Great workout for an active recovery day


• Increases flexibility and mobility for posing

• Helps strengthen accessory and core muscles needed for posing

• Increases body awareness

Show Day

• Eliminates anxiety when paired with visualization/guided meditation techniques

• Yogic breathing helps you connect with your body and breath, allowing you to actively release tension in your muscles

• Helps promote a calm, relaxed, and confident mood when stepping on stage

• Allows you to feel present in the moment and feel a greater sense of gratitude for all that you have accomplished and worked for in order to step on stage

After Lacy helped me identify the ways Yoga helped me in my journey, I thought this would be a great module to add to the Bikini Competition Academy. Plus, I really enjoy sharing my yoga practice with anyone who can benefit from it as well!
I’ve designed three yoga sessions that you can practice along with me.



Lessons in this Course: