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I am ecstatic to be writing my first blog post for the Bikini Athlete Network and Academy. I created this academy to help current and aspiring bikini competitors learn all the essentials of life as a bikini athlete!

When I began my journey as a bikini athlete in 2017 I was hungry for information about the sport. I googled, watched YouTube, followed competitors on Insta, and messaged bikini athletes on Facebook looking for advice and information. This was a huge goal and I wanted to be as prepared as possible!

It was HARD to find answers to my questions, especially because I did not yet hire a coach. I had no idea who to hire!! It is expensive and I wanted to make sure my money was being used with someone who could truly help me. There were so many choices in coaching. I was overwhelmed to say the least. I just wanted someone to point me in the right direction. One day while scrolling though Facebook, an old co-worker of mine posted photos of herself from a bikini competition and announced she was coaching! I was excited because I knew her personally which gave me great comfort in hiring her.

What a great decision that was! I went on to the 2017 NPC Natural Indianapolis and won the overall! My first show!! I also won 1st place novice, 1st place masters, and 1st place open bikini. What a rush! But let’s rewind for a moment to the journey that took me to that stage.

Deciding to compete was not easy. I knew it would be a challenge. My coach gave me the plans but it was up to me to execute them. I was ready to put in the work but there were so many other questions. I wanted to know how other novice competitors were feeling, how to choose the correct suit color, where to purchase jewelry, what jewelry to choose, what are the best hair extensions, etc.? I ran to google but came up with few answers and more questions. What were the judges looking for? How the heck do I learn to pose? I was frustrated to say the least.

I made it through the questions and to the stage where I fell in love with this sport. I was Nationally Qualified after my big win in Indy so my next step was to compete at the 2018 NPC Teen Collegiate Masters Nationals. I had only eight months to prepare and more questions than before! Back to google! Again, I found some answers but not all. I could not believe there was not a resource with all the answers!

I went to Nationals and earned my IFBB Pro card. This was only my second time competing! I have to pause and give all the glory to God. I did not earn this on my abilities alone, it was Jesus living in me.

Days after earning my IFBB Pro card I reflected on my short journey. I wanted to help other bikini athletes have an easier journey by providing education and resources about everything I learned along the way. My journey was lonely, in my hometown I am the only female bodybuilding athlete. I wanted a place where bikini competitors and aspiring bikini competitors could connect and support one another.

I decided to create the Bikini Athlete Network & Academy to help my bikini sisters enjoy their journey as they are empowered through fellowship and education. It is a step by step learning academy beginning with the history of the bikini division in bodybuilding and ending with post show topics such as reverse dieting, planning your next show and post show blues. There is a comprehensive course with lessons on posing that actually taught me new things as I researched and created it! The network is outstanding! It looks like Facebook but is completely private to the Bikini Athlete Network members! There you can network with bikini athletes who are in every phase of the journey.

I also included resources that I trust such as prep coaching, posing coaches, and mindset coaching. You never have to question whether or not you have the right resources.

I hope the Bikini Athlete Network Blogs are helpful to you as we begin interviewing members of the group for the blog. We can learn so much from each other’s journeys!

Blessings to you!

Lacy Green IFBB PRO