The Process of Building a Body

process of building a body

Otherwise known as bodybuilding, the process of building a body is exciting and complex. I remember the day I realized that I could actually transform my physique into my dream body.

I was 38 years old. I enjoyed 3 pregnancies and was blessed with healthy and large babies. My third child filled my 5’6″ frame weighing me in at 160lbs on the day of his delivery. He was born 9 pounds 1 ounce. My youngest child stretched my skin as far as it could go leaving me flabby and feeling defeated for years.

I still felt young at 38 but my body was not reflecting what I felt inside. I knew I needed to do something to reshape my body. My research lead me to muscle building. And so began my journey.

The process of building my body had 5 components.

#1. Lift heavy weights.

I always chuckle a little at this statement. I have heard countless women say that they do not want to lift weights because they do not want to get huge. Let me assure you that women are not capable of getting huge muscles without the assistance of performance enhancing drugs. But cupcakes….they will easily make any women huge.

Lifting heavy weights will grow lean muscle mass that gives a woman’s body curves and shape. And as a bonus, muscle mass increases our metabolism. #BOOM

#2. Eat Carbs.

Are you breathing a sigh of relief? Carbs are not your enemy, overeating in general is your enemy. Strategically eating carbs around a weight training workout is incredibly beneficial to energy and muscle growth.

I was scared of carbs for years. It wasn’t until I hire a coach that I learned how to use carbs to my advantage. You can learn how to use carbs properly by utilizing google with trial and error or you can do what I did and hire a coach. I happen to be a coach, certified in Fitness Nutrition. (shameless plug) If you want to know more about that you can learn more here.

#3. Be Patient.

Growing anything takes time. Muscles included. Gaining muscle mass requires a lifestyle commitment. I know you want it now. I did too. But time flies when you are having fun and the journey of muscle building is tons of fun! Take progress pictures along the way. You will be delighted at how quickly you can notice little changes in your shape.

#4. Consistancy is key.

You must be committed to staying consistent in your weight training and nutrition. Hard earned muscle mass will decrease if neglected by lack of training. I always say “it is called bodybuilding, not bodybuilt”. Find a friend or hire a coach to hold you accountable.

#5. Know the balance.

As I said earlier, this is a lifestyle. There must be a balance between training and living. Schedule your workouts around life, not life around workouts. Bodybuilding is a hobby for the majority of people. Even as an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, it is a hobby for me too. It is a much more enjoyable hobby when it is part of your lifestyle with a good balance of enjoying life and training.

Remember, it is not a fast process but the journey is enjoyable and you can celebrate small wins the whole way!

High Five Champion!

Lacy Green